ASKi offers a wide range of services, for example:

  • Consumer Goods / Consumer Behavior
  • Trade Research / Business to Business
  • Communications

  • Healthcare
  • Media
  • IT

  • Qualitative or Quantitative
  • CAPI, CATI, Web-based, WATI,
    Face to Face, Door to Door, CLT


Service Pools

Of course we can offer our clients full service at an international level, but we understand that more and more of our clients are interested in sub-contracting only portions of the research process, while maintaining the design and/or analysis of data within their own skilled ranks. To meet the needs of our clients, ASKi has organized itself into Service Pool groups that concentrate on specific aspects of the research process offering our clients expertise only on the areas they want our input. These Service Pools allow us the flexibility to offer better pricing and timing, higher consistency and focused efforts in one or more areas of your qualitative or quantitative research for B2B or Consumer research.


  • Translation

    Translations only: ASKi offers native language fluency in over 40 languages.

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  • Data Collection

    Our specialty is in collecting superb quality data by astute and professional interviewers.

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  • Fieldwork

    The traditional translation to clean
    data delivery phases.

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  • Data Processing

    ASKi realizes that the best data collection is usually done via a local supplier.

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  • Coding

    By funneling the data collected from various suppliers through ASKi, you are ensured high & consistent quality, …

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More Services…

Sample Groups

Sample Groups

We are specialists in hard to find low incidence samples in B2B and Consumer Research on an international level



We conduct centralized CATI research to meet all your needs!

Full Service

Full Service

ASKi understands that not all clients have the need for this complete scope of expertise…


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